Coffee, if you do not know yet, is the key to someone else’s sanity. No joke there, a cup of good coffee is not just a beverage for some but a good source of comfort, clarity, and energy. There are many ways to describe it, as well as many ways to make it.

For coffee lovers, a perfect cup of coffee always saves the day. But how do we really make “the perfect cup of coffee”? Let’s run through the basics and find out how to to make your simple cup a perfect one.

1. Find The Right Coffee

You must understand that there is an overwhelming amount of coffee beans and flavours all over the world. You can go through all available information over the internet or simply go to the coffee bean shops and learn about these, there are also some places to buy great coffee online. You get to know the process the beans go through up to the grounding.

You can smell beans for the first-hand experience and if you are lucky enough, you may be able to taste a few. If you do not want to go through all these, there are lots of online shops that offer different types of ready grounds you can try out.

2. Ingredients And Process

There are many ways to make your coffee, you can use the conventional coffee maker or opt to do it the manual way. Check which way makes the consistency or output you want and which one works better for you. Avoid buying a cheap filter that may alter the overall taste of your coffee, best if you would invest in a good quality reusable coffee filter.

It’s also important to know the type of coffee you want for you to be able to prepare necessary ingredients such as creamer, sugar, and milk. When it comes to water, it is best to use the one you are comfortable with, but coffee experts suggest to avoid using distilled water as it won’t give the best potential taste for your coffee grounds. Lastly, use a freshly ground coffee bean.

3. Know Your Preference

Or should I say, know the preference of the one who will drink. There could be so many factors to consider such as the amount of coffee ground and the temperature of the water, but this all won’t matter if you are serving the “inappropriate” coffee. Know the type of coffee that is needed for the mood and simply to the process accordingly.

Making the perfect cup of coffee shouldn’t be complicated. What matters most is that you consider the timing, the mood and of course, the ingredients. Mix it all three, pour it in your favourite cup and serve it with love and wallah, there you have it! Your perfect cup of coffee.