1. Re-imagine your walls –

Your walls play an important role in deciding the mood and theme of the party. Some things you can try are; adding new art frames, posters, mirrors, wall hangings, and other accessories. You can also add a few fairy lights to brighten the walls and the art on it.

2. Bring the outdoors in –

Flowers and plants are capable of brightening up any event or the house in general. If you don’t own plants or flowers, you can buy from the nearest florist or nursery. You can arrange these flowers and plants in beautifully crafted vases and pots all around the house, and you can hang some of them to add to the effect.

3. Organize with trays –

You can arrange food and drinks on pretty and decorative trays, and also coordinate it with the theme of the party. Not only do these trays add to the decorative aspect of the event, but also prove to be useful in the long run for many other household purposes.

4. Brighten up the table –

Covering the dining table with a fancy tablecloth is an excellent way to brighten up a regular dining table. You could also keep in mind the theme and choose the pattern for the tablecloth accordingly. For example, red for the holidays or playing-card motif for a casino party.

5. Bust out your best tableware –

Cutlery and tableware are as important as anything else if you’re hosting a party. It adds to the presentation as a whole. So it is a great idea to take out all those amazing dishes, glassware, serving bowls, and glassware.

6. Set the mood with lighting –

It’s crucial to select the right kind of lighting to set the right sort of atmosphere for a party or any other event. So swap the white light bulbs for colored ones that’ll add a pop of color to the party.

7. Refresh the bathroom –

Although it is one of the most neglected aspects of a party, it is crucial to ensure that you keep available all the necessary bathroom supplies for the guests.

8. Dress up your windows –

Fairy lights and streamers are a great way to highlight your otherwise side-lined windows. String the fairy lights around your window frames and also add a pennant banner over the window to pump up the party spirit.


9. Switch up your seating –

Ensure you have comfortable and quirky seating for your guests to perch on. Add some fun and bright cushions to up the quirk quotient. You can also touch up your seating with some tulle, ribbon or balloons, etc.

10. Don’t neglect the entryway –

Last but not least, don’t forget the entryway! It is essential to deck up the entry point of your guests to give them a great start to the day or evening. You can add sign boards, balloons, lights, flowers, décor paper, etc.