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We are the best caterers you will ever find. Our chefs are trained to take your taste buds on a fun rollercoaster ride. 

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We also provide catering services for parties and following are some of the other services we offer. 


Our team organizes various events and outdoor programs. We will help you out in planning and organizing the entire event. 

Party Arrangements

We are experts at arranging parties, and you will be surprised to see the fun events we put up at your parties. 

Special Occasions

Catering services are provided for special occasions and whatever might be your occasion we theme our food accordingly. 

Food Design

The food items we provide are top notch, and we present it to you in the most likable manner. 

 Staff Service

The staffs in our team are excellent at what they do. They will heed to all your needs and serve you with the best quality if service.


We will be there where you want us to be. Wherever might be your party, we will make ourselves available there.

Our Ingredients


  • Black radish
  • Crosne
  • Jerusalem artichokes
  • Curley kale
  • Pumpkin
  • Purple cauliflower
  • Red endive


  • Shitake
  • Oyster mushrooms

Salad leaves

  • Castlefranco
  • Dandelion
  • Lambs lettuce
  • Mizuna


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The Perfect Cup Of Coffee: Tips Every Coffee Lover Should Know

The Perfect Cup Of Coffee: Tips Every Coffee Lover Should Know

Coffee, if you do not know yet, is the key to someone else’s sanity. No joke there, a cup of good coffee is not just a beverage for some but a good source of comfort, clarity, and energy. There are many ways to describe it, as well as many ways to make it.

For coffee lovers, a perfect cup of coffee always saves the day. But how do we really make “the perfect cup of coffee”? Let’s run through the basics and find out how to to make your simple cup a perfect one.

1. Find The Right Coffee

You must understand that there is an overwhelming amount of coffee beans and flavours all over the world. You can go through all available information over the internet or simply go to the coffee bean shops and learn about these, there are also some places to buy great coffee online. You get to know the process the beans go through up to the grounding.

You can smell beans for the first-hand experience and if you are lucky enough, you may be able to taste a few. If you do not want to go through all these, there are lots of online shops that offer different types of ready grounds you can try out.

2. Ingredients And Process

There are many ways to make your coffee, you can use the conventional coffee maker or opt to do it the manual way. Check which way makes the consistency or output you want and which one works better for you. Avoid buying a cheap filter that may alter the overall taste of your coffee, best if you would invest in a good quality reusable coffee filter.

It’s also important to know the type of coffee you want for you to be able to prepare necessary ingredients such as creamer, sugar, and milk. When it comes to water, it is best to use the one you are comfortable with, but coffee experts suggest to avoid using distilled water as it won’t give the best potential taste for your coffee grounds. Lastly, use a freshly ground coffee bean.

3. Know Your Preference

Or should I say, know the preference of the one who will drink. There could be so many factors to consider such as the amount of coffee ground and the temperature of the water, but this all won’t matter if you are serving the “inappropriate” coffee. Know the type of coffee that is needed for the mood and simply to the process accordingly.

Making the perfect cup of coffee shouldn’t be complicated. What matters most is that you consider the timing, the mood and of course, the ingredients. Mix it all three, pour it in your favourite cup and serve it with love and wallah, there you have it! Your perfect cup of coffee.

Guide to Decommissioning Of Catering Equipment

Guide to Decommissioning Of Catering Equipment

Latest CESA Guide aims to address the issue of serviceable catering appliances entering the waste stream too early.

CESA has published a new guide containing specialist industry insight into best practices for the reuse of second-hand catering equipment with the parting caveat: “save it or sell it, don’t just scrap it”. The guide tackles the problem of tens of thousands of second-hand catering appliances being unceremoniously scrapped each year. Many materials from catering equipment that enter the waste stream are recycled; however, the association believes that this should not be the norm but rather serve as a last resort.

CESA (Catering Equipment Suppliers Association) represents over 190 commercial equipment suppliers in the UK who supply the catering industry with equipment from utensils to full kitchen schemes and is perfectly poised to offer guidelines, based on specialist industry insight, on how to deal with second hand catering appliances in a more sustainable and profitable way.

According to John Whitehouse, the Chair of CESA “The scrapping of serviceable appliances undermines the credibility and sustainability aspirations of the foodservice industry and is also a waste of money as the value of equipment unnecessarily scrapped amounts to tens of millions of pounds per year on the second-hand market”. In terms of sustainability, he says the refurbishment of second-hand catering equipment can make a real contribution to the circular economy.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, WEEE, was created to recycle components from appliances that are no longer working, but sadly it does not prevent serviceable appliances from being scrapped too soon.

The guide provides industry insight into the facts of the issue and offers guidelines on how to tackle the problem. The guide is available as a free download on the Info Hub of CESA’s website -cesa.org.uk

Whitehouse said that they are not suggesting that operators should not replace old equipment with new ones when upgrades, refurbishments or changing menus mean that old equipment can no longer do the jobs required of them, but that scrapping is not the only solution. Reconditioning of serviceable equipment is not only a greener alternative, but it will also contribute in a major way to a campaign to discourage misguided caterers from buying cheaper domestic appliances despite the risks to health and safety. A ready supply of perfectly good second-hand equipment will be more affordable and encourage caterers to step up the commercial standards of the industry.

The guide points out that by arranging responsible reuse, PR and CSR opportunities will be enhanced and it will obviously help any company with their sustainability targets. In addition, there is also the option available for low budget companies such as new business start-ups, social enterprises, charities or third world projects to use the income from the sale of the equipment.

The guide also notes that the main reason for the ‘scrap it’ mentality in the industry is a lack of knowledge regarding other available options which it seeks to address. The guide concludes with the motto: Save it or Sell it – Don’t Just Scrap it!



1. Re-imagine your walls –

Your walls play an important role in deciding the mood and theme of the party. Some things you can try are; adding new art frames, posters, mirrors, wall hangings, and other accessories. You can also add a few fairy lights to brighten the walls and the art on it.

2. Bring the outdoors in –

Flowers and plants are capable of brightening up any event or the house in general. If you don’t own plants or flowers, you can buy from the nearest florist or nursery. You can arrange these flowers and plants in beautifully crafted vases and pots all around the house, and you can hang some of them to add to the effect.

3. Organize with trays –

You can arrange food and drinks on pretty and decorative trays, and also coordinate it with the theme of the party. Not only do these trays add to the decorative aspect of the event, but also prove to be useful in the long run for many other household purposes.

4. Brighten up the table –

Covering the dining table with a fancy tablecloth is an excellent way to brighten up a regular dining table. You could also keep in mind the theme and choose the pattern for the tablecloth accordingly. For example, red for the holidays or playing-card motif for a casino party.

5. Bust out your best tableware –

Cutlery and tableware are as important as anything else if you’re hosting a party. It adds to the presentation as a whole. So it is a great idea to take out all those amazing dishes, glassware, serving bowls, and glassware.

6. Set the mood with lighting –

It’s crucial to select the right kind of lighting to set the right sort of atmosphere for a party or any other event. So swap the white light bulbs for colored ones that’ll add a pop of color to the party.

7. Refresh the bathroom –

Although it is one of the most neglected aspects of a party, it is crucial to ensure that you keep available all the necessary bathroom supplies for the guests.

8. Dress up your windows –

Fairy lights and streamers are a great way to highlight your otherwise side-lined windows. String the fairy lights around your window frames and also add a pennant banner over the window to pump up the party spirit.


9. Switch up your seating –

Ensure you have comfortable and quirky seating for your guests to perch on. Add some fun and bright cushions to up the quirk quotient. You can also touch up your seating with some tulle, ribbon or balloons, etc.

10. Don’t neglect the entryway –

Last but not least, don’t forget the entryway! It is essential to deck up the entry point of your guests to give them a great start to the day or evening. You can add sign boards, balloons, lights, flowers, décor paper, etc.


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